The big summer sing!

Today Year R had a visit from a lady called Fiona and completed some singing workshops with the children.

This is Fiona.

The children sang a song about wishes and they had to think of what they would wish for if they had a wish – there were many different types of things they wished for (bouncy castles, a horse, a transformer!)

The next song was about Jack and the Beanstalk before finishing with a rock and roll style song about the enjoyment of stories. The children had a dance to the song whilst singing it.

It was a great experience for them.

Dancing to the rock and roll song.

New Forest Wildlife Park

On Thursday 23rd May, all Year R children went on a trip to the New Forest Wildlife Park.

It was their first school trip and in the morning they were very excited. They were even more excited when they saw we had double decker buses to get there!

Have a look at the photos below to see the animals we were lucky enough to see.

New school building – day 3

The new school building is really starting to take shape now and progress is moving so quickly!! The children get so excited when they see the crane lifting in the next pod.

Many of the children in class have started to become builders, designing and planning their own structures, and even dressing up as builders to do so.

Watch out! You may have some budding builders at home!

You can really see the upper floor going in now.
New steel work is being added.
Bridge builder in the making!!

New school building!

On Monday lunchtime, Year R were lucky enough to see the start of the new building taking shape.

A giant crane was on the field and lifting the pods into place. It was great to watch!

Have a look at the photos below:

Getting the pod ready for lifting.
There it goes!
That’s the new kitchen!